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Data, Data, Everywhere

Design thinking adds insight to your information.

Our client knew its HR tool, a team inventory registry, wasn’t working for them.

Designed to align tech associates with teams and inform HR decisions, the “tool” was really a combination of Excel spreadsheets, Sharepoint sites, talent management software and demographic info pulled from the company’s intranet. 

Since the tool’s user experience wasn’t ideal, not many people used it, which meant the tool’s data was inaccurate.

We call it innovation paralysis: Time and money constraints coupled with a lack of validation and collaboration make it difficult to invest in a new project, so clients try a band-aid approach.

Design thinking to the rescue

Design thinking is a protocol for solving problems and discovering opportunities. In this case, it’s a process for tackling a software development challenge.

Working onsite with the client, our six-person, cross-functional team used design thinking to expose possibilities and validate ideas.
We studied users and identified their pain points. We interviewed stakeholders and invited them to collaborative sessions. Most importantly, we tested.                                

Again, and again. Each test gave us feedback that became features, and ideas that became improvements.


Radical Simplicity

We designed and developed an enhanced user experience that included:

  • Labor management
  • Recruiting management and process automation
  • Integration with internal systems
  • Configurations each division can customize
  • Email notifications
  • Side-by-side matching of recruits with open positions
  • Sophisticated, customizable dashboards
  • Automated functional tests to reduce errors

Names, Not Numbers

We made human faces the cornerstone of our redesigned app. Photos of team members are the most prominent element on the screen. This allowed us to focus on people, not numbers.

Accurate Accounting

This clean, modern system includes a feature that requires team leads to certify their human resource stats monthly. With high levels of adoption, business executive can now rely on the accuracy of the system’s data and build custom reports that are meaningful.

Recruiting Roster

The new tool presents approved resource requests in a filterable list so executives can prioritize open roles for recruiters. Executives can also follow a job applicant through the recruiting lifecycle, from backlogged to accepted.

Data-driven Decisions

Having actionable information at our client’s fingertips enables them to make decisions faster than ever before. The app empowers leadership with information that helps them do their jobs better and grow their business.

Client feedback 

“ [This app] turned thousands of hours of work into a couple of clicks, a few seconds; it is hyper accurate and an even better experience for my recruiters.” – Senior Manager, Tech Recruiting

“We are confident that data and technology like this give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”— Product Owner, Technology

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