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The Key to CX Strategy: Stick With It

Does your company have “strategy discipline”? One major key to strategy success is sticking with it for the long term.

by John Godwin

What is the best customer experience strategy for your firm? Answer: The strategy that your firm can stick with long term. Strategy is fundamentally about making choices; choices have consequences that can be unpleasant in the short term. All too often, firms struggle to execute on strategic choices because of the near term pain created by those choices. “Pain” in this regard can have various meanings—anything from reduced profitability to reduced employee morale. To make matters worse, often the benefits don’t begin to appear until long after the pain has been realized. Who has time to think about the benefits that will appear 3-5 years from now? We have goals to hit today!

In our experience, firms most commonly fail to achieve the benefits associated with a new strategy, not because they chose the wrong strategy, but instead because they are tempted to deviate from the strategy to ease the short term pain or to generate short term gain.

  • When considering any customer experience strategy, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Can we stick with this strategy even if it means near term budget pain?
  • Can we execute this strategy with our current talent?
  • How long will we wait to see benefits from our strategy before we change course?
  • Can our leadership “walk the talk” on the new direction?
  • How much pain will the strategy create in the short run?
  • What is our capability for managing the pain?

We call the ability to maintain focus and purpose, even when faced with near term obstacles, ‘strategy discipline’. Achieving strategy discipline is not easy but it has some very strong benefits: improved employee engagement generated by visible leadership commitment, and enhanced organization effectiveness created by clarity of direction, just to name a few.

Do you need help creating or maintaining focus on your CX strategy? Could you benefit from some strategy discipline? We can help. Feel free to drop me a line. 

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